Today’s Home Buying Process: North America vs Costa Rica

Many people call us or drop in wondering about how the buying process differs in Costa Rica compared to their home nation.  Questions about the buying process are some of the first and most important requests for information from new potential buyers of Costa Rican real estate. Continue reading...


More Europeans Visiting Costa Rica

If you had any worry about the vibrancy of the Costa Rican market because of the recent decline in markets around the world, let your fears in investing in Costa Rica be allayed: Europeans are increasingly being targeted as the new focus of major marketing campaigns by Costa Rica’s National Tourism Board for spending more... Continue Reading →

Finding the right agent for you

The right agent is the person who intimately knows the area and the lay of the land in which you are looking to buy.  They should be familiar with the entire process of purchasing a titled or concession property,  should understand the history of the region and be able to project the future development of the... Continue Reading →

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