About Me

A writer by trade and hobby, this site is a collection of my published works.  I write essays for purchase on a variety of topics that include travel, lifestyle, wellness, culture, politics, economics, environmentalism, music, meditation and more.  For my personal works, please see my blogs Rain and Rainbows and One Hundred Days of Meditation.

I am currently based in Costa Rica by an unexpected turn of events, living and loving every moment. I have a variety pack of work and life experience, having lived in three different countries – Canada, New Zealand and now Costa Rica – and having worked in a diverse assortment of fields, including: sporting goods retail, restaurant management, sound engineering, marketing, event planning, event hosting, community organization, team building, administration and various personal assistant roles over the years. My main passion is writing, which I do both professionally and as a hobby.   The wide variety of life experiences that I gather are all compiled into my literary works, as is the product of my other main interest – research.

I am an explorer by nature and I immerse myself in new experiences with the utmost desire to learn and be helpful in the ways that I know how. I tend to be referred to as bright, analytical, personable, passionate and compassionate. I go for what I want and I’m not afraid of failure because I know that I go into every task with the right mix of confidence and curiosity to be able to expect the unexpected.

I have a strong passion for music and its use as a language, having studied classical piano, guitar and music theory in my youth for many years.  This passion continues to resonate in me, with watching and participating in live music being one of my most favorite past-times. 

I enjoy physical activities of all kind, being a surfer, skier, snowboarder, mountain biker, runner, hiker, climber, and all-around outdoorsman.  I love travel and I have visited over 30 countries around the world.  I am proficient in two languages, English and Polish and I am currently learning Spanish.  I previously dabbled in Maori while living in New Zealand and I can count to ten in eight languages.

My passion for writing and reading extends to all forms of literature and I read between 30 and 50 books per year, every year.  My favourite authors are Herman Hesse, Dostoevsky, Kurt Vonnegut and James Redfield, in the sense that I’ve read most of each of these authors’ works.  If I could include every author I’ve ever read, I’d feel that this list was a more accurate depiction of my favourites.  

I practice daily readings of blogs and websites about politics, philosophy, climate studies, travel and general news – both mainstream and alternative.  I have a fierce desire to be current on all topics and although I may fall short for a short while, I make up for my short-comings by doing remedial research on any topics in which I find myself deficient.  It is my philosophy that we are all pieces of a whole, waiting to come together in a comprehensive understanding of meaning.

To feed my soul, I practice daily meditation, walking, gardening, and weekly volunteering for my local animal shelter for plenty of animal cuddles.



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